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Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

Ayurvedic Massage in Delhi and Gurgaon

Ayurvedic massage is an ancient Indian method of medicinal therapy that, over thousands of years, has been perfected into what it is today. Ayrurvedic massage, a long-held mystery in India, is a technique unheard of by many, but is now available at Body Massage Spa Delhi & Gurgaon. Awareness of the body, knowledge of scents and specialty oils, knowledge of music and sound, and knowledge of bodywork methods are included in this treatment, incorporating them into a specialised massage treatment that incorporates all the senses.It is assumed that a gradual transmission of electromagnetic energy takes place between the massage practitioner and the client, that is, if the client feels comfortable and open to this massage procedure and is receptive. Allowing it to happen and receiving the healing results is important.

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I am spa owner from Body Massage Spa. The Spa's elegant, futuristic architecture combines with local natural building materials such as marble, wood and bamboo, offering the ideal, tidy, relaxed environment and setting for a range of treatments that are incredibly calming and invigorating.

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